“Metastatic breast cancer is intelligent in the worst kind of way. It can outsmart treatments; it’s resilient and worst of all, it can kill.”
Amanda, mum was diagnosed in 2005

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Amanda was just 13 years old when her mum was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Following treatment, Amanda’s mum nearly reached the five-year mark in remission… but the cancer came back, and it came back with a vengeance.

Her primary breast cancer had spread to her brain, causing blindness overnight.

Her world of colour turned to black. And Amanda’s world too, because soon after, her beautiful mum passed away.

“I’m grateful for the research and treatments that gave me an extra five years with Mum. But that wasn’t enough.” – Amanda

Cancer cells become more difficult to treat and often develop drug resistance once they spread – meaning that there are few effective treatments for patients with metastatic breast cancer. While five-year survival rates for breast cancer are now at 91%, five-year survival rates for women with metastatic breast cancer are significantly lower.

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